“Chaz had me considering a lifestyle change after that meal.” -N. Brewington

Even his substitutions will make your mouth water.

My first experience with Chaz’s cuisine was a celebration of my good friend’s 10th wedding anniversary.

While I was happy to help them celebrate, I wasn’t really that excited about dinner because I don’t eat red meat, and the main course was full of it.  After a lifetime of getting the “veggie plate”, I was sure I’d receive something lackluster and banal. 

Chaz straight up demolished those expectations with a vibrant meal that started with a salad with roasted tomatoes and pine nuts that I still have dreams about, wild rice and chard that was excellently spiced and a delectably flavorful fish filet that melted in my mouth.  It’s times like these that I start to understand “foodies”.

I didn’t try the meaty main course, but Chaz had me considering a lifestyle change after that meal.

I assume he’ll be busy as a beaver soon, so book him now. You won’t regret it.

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