“It’s all about the flavor” – David (Baltimore, MD)

“I had the good fortune to eat Chaz’s cooking on several occasions last year, and I can honestly tell you that I was amazed. From a regular home kitchen, he produced food that I would have thought came from a 3-star restaurant. His (locally-sourced) fish was moist and flaky with a perfect grill on the outside, and his polenta? Oh dear lord, his polenta. I don’t even LIKE polenta and I would happily drive across state lines to get more.

His technical skill in his preparation is matched with bold, strong flavors, and a sensibility that wouldn’t seem out of place anywhere from a barbecue to a formal event.

If you have the chance to have this man cook for you, by all means do it. You’ll only regret it when there’s no more left.”

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